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FÜRSTENOW Law Office Berlin

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  • Banking law

  • Real estate law

  • Contract law

Lawyer Sascha C. Fürstenow

Lawyer Sascha C. Fürstenow

Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Berlin Mitte
Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Berlin Kurfürstendamm

Location Stadt­mitte

Friedrichstr. 61
10117 Berlin

U‑Bahn Stadt­mitte

Tel. +49 30 2453 9417

Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Berlin Mitte

Location City West

Kurfürs­tendamm 69
10707 Berlin

U‑Bahn Adenauer Platz

Tel. +49 30 883 52 71

Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Berlin Kurfürstendamm

Law Office Fürstenow Berlin


Location Stadt­mitte

From the centre of Berlinthe law firm is located at Friedrich­straße 61, directly at the U‑Bahn Stadt­mitte (U6) exit, only 4 minutes away from the Gendar­men­markt — lawyer Sascha C. Fürstenow advises and repre­sents entre­pre­neurs nationwide on all aspects of commercial law with a focus on banking law, capital market law, capital investment law, real estate law, commercial contracts (e.g. licence agree­ments, distri­b­ution agree­ments, company agree­ments, contracts for work and services, general terms and conditions).

Location City West

The law firm’s second office is located at the famous Kurfürs­tendamm 69, in the heart of Berlin’s City West. The easy acces­si­bility — the law firm is located directly at the exit of the under­ground station Adenauer­platz — and the lively surroundings provide an additional service due to the proximity to countless estab­lished companies.

The law firm’s clients include start-ups, companies from the fields of e‑commerce, clean energy, technology and others. The law office repre­sents consumer interests defending them against those of banks, investment companies and insurance companies.

Attorney Sascha C. Fürstenow provides legal support in all relevant legal issues, especially for company founders as well as start-ups and young companies that have already been founded. Attorney Sascha C. Fürstenow is regularly invited by Univer­sities as a guest lecturer on the topic of start-ups and company estab­lishment issues.

There is a strategic cooper­ation between attorney Fürstenow and the TechCode Accel­erator (Germany) TCAC GmbH for the legal support of German companies heading for China as well as Chinese companies that want to expand to Germany.

TechCode Germany

An overview from Germany’s most popular attorney portal:

TechCode Germany


Sascha C. Fürstenow has been an attorney at law admitted to the Berlin Barrister Associ­ation since 2007 and has been active throughout Germany since then.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Attorney Fürstenow is involved as a juror and consultant for start-ups and founders in Berlin Brandenburg Business Compe­tition (BPW) and passes on his knowledge as a lecturer.


BPW Berater 2017  BPW Berater 2018

BPW Juror 2017 BPW Juror 2018

BPW Berater 2019 BPW Berater 2020

BPW Juror 2019 BPW Juror 2020

See all consul­tants and jurors of the BPW

About the Law firm

In legal advice and support, the economic interest and the resulting (compet­itive) advantage of the client, be it a company or a consumer, is always in the foreground. The law firm FÜRSTENOW offers:

  • Consulting from a single source through intensive personal support of the clients. This is important for a trust­worthy work to achieve the best possible goals for the clients;
  • individual solutions of legal advice and support for the respective client. These are indis­pensable for the economic (compet­itive) advantage and sustainable success;
  • as much time as necessary to develop individual results.
  • excellent service through flexible avail­ability instead of rigid office hours;
  • experience and industry knowledge through many years of experience as a lawyer. This applies in particular to legal advice, contractual drafting, contractual review (especially loan agree­ments) as well as negoti­a­tions and litigation before civil courts.


In addition to his work as a lawyer, Mr. Fürstenow is also a regular lecturer. The main focus of his lectures is on econom­i­cally relevant legal topics, such as company formation, commercial law, corporate law and banking law. Especially start-ups, but also estab­lished entre­pre­neurs, Attorney Fürstenow wants to give legal thought-provoking impulses in order to create the greatest possible economic added value and above all to avoid disadvantages.

Attorney Fürstenow is a lecturer and tutor of the subject banking law and related legal topics for the course of studies banking specialist of the BankCollege
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Furthermore, Attorney-at-Law Fürstenow works as a lecturer for the following insti­tu­tions or has become active:

* as part of the business plan compe­tition (BPW)

Lawyer Fürstenow is listed as a consultant in the KfW (Kredi­tanstalt für Wieder­aufbau) advisory exchange.

Areas of law and services

The law firm FÜRSTENOW offers the following services:

  • legal advice on individual legal issues and facts for companies as well as for consumers;
  • compre­hensive legal support for companies (external legal department, legal manager);
  • start-up advice and support, especially for company founders and start-ups;
  • drafting of contracts, in particular in the afore­men­tioned areas of law;
  • debt collection for companies against defaulting customers and business partners;
  • legal repre­sen­tation (including assis­tance in arbitration and mediation proceedings).

With his law firm, Attorney Fürstenow has delib­er­ately specialized in a few overlapping fields of law and set corre­sponding prior­ities. For those seeking advice in other areas of law, Mr. Fürstenow can sometimes help by estab­lishing contact with other law firms that work with FÜRSTENOW Anwaltskanzlei.

In the field of copyright and media law, Attorney Fürstenow has been working for many years with Philipp Beck, attorney and specialist lawyer for copyright and media law.

In matters relating to admin­is­trative law, in particular trade law, residence law, aliens law and natural­ization law for business start-ups, lawyer Fürstenow works together with Achim Bedenk, lawyer and specialist lawyer for admin­is­trative law from the Bedenk & Dr. Heun office.

For questions concerning (commercial) landlord and tenant law and condo­minium law there is a cooper­ation with attorney Alexander Einfinger.

If a company is planning to establish a foothold in the People’s Republic of China, Attorney Fürstenow can establish contact with FangBen Law Office, an inter­na­tionally oriented intel­lectual property law firm based in Shanghai.

Fangben Law Office

Fangben Law Office |方本律师事务所
Suzhou Office
Room 401, SIFC, Building 24, Times Square, Suzhou Indus­trial Park, Suzhou 215028, China
T +86 512 6750 6228     F +86 512 6750 2199    M +86 15051515725

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