Legal Counsellor

Below you will find legal tips and first aid on various fields of law and specific cases. If you have suffered damages in one of the following cases, Berlin based attorney Sascha C. Fürstenow will be happy to advise you and offer you a free and non-binding initial assessment of your circum­stances.

Retrieval of an incor­rectly made bank transfer

It can be difficult to retrieve an incor­rectly made bank transfer, but it is possible under certain circum­stances, which is why you should always try to retrieve it from your own bank.   The facts of the case: retrieval of a transfer in the event of...

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Misuse of credit cards and giro cards

Misuse of credit cards, giro cards etc. after card and PIN have been inter­cepted or stolen from the mailbox It is becoming increas­ingly common that when a credit card or giro card is sent and the corre­sponding PIN is subse­quently sent by post, either the...

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