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Contract law

Fürstenow Law Office sees itself as a law firm for entre­pre­neurs, especially when it comes to drafting contracts, contract negoti­a­tions, contract execution and proce­dural repre­sen­tation.


Contract law for companies


Distri­b­ution law


Company law


Start-Up Consulting


Commercial law


Contract law for consumers

Contract law for entrepreneurs

There is a large number of company agree­ments, ranging from the articles of associ­ation (articles of associ­ation, partic­i­pation agree­ments, capital increases) to those agree­ments with which a company earns its money, such as licence agree­ments, distri­b­ution agree­ments, contracts for work and services, consul­tancy agree­ments, etc.
The course for economic value retention of a contract can already be set during contract initi­ation and contract negoti­a­tions. In particular, young inexpe­ri­enced companies who negotiate contracts with a large and perhaps well-known contractual partner are tempted to sign a contract without examining it for fear of losing the contractual partner through negoti­ation or outright respect for the partner. Experience shows, however, that it is always worth­while to negotiate contracts, even if the other party may have a market capital­ization in the double-digit billion range.

For the sustain­ability of economic success, it is important that contracts, especially those with a long term, such as license agree­ments and distri­b­ution agree­ments, are forward-looking and that conflict potential is avoided, or at least reduced as far as possible.

Fürstenow Law Office offers repre­sen­tation not only in the drafting of contracts, but also in the execution of contracts, so that the contract is fulfilled as agreed according to the contract. In cases of conflict, Attorney Fürstenow advises and repre­sents the clients in order to avoid their economic damage. Attorney Fürstenow also repre­sents his clients in court.
In the case of defaulting contractual partners, a strict debt collection regime is often suffi­cient. Unfor­tu­nately, the business practice of many companies is to only pay when they insist on it or when this involves costs that the defaulting payer has to bear.

Corporate Law and Commercial Law

Company Law

Attorney Fürstenow assists companies in the estab­lishment and finding of the right legal form. Company founders are faced with the decision on which legal form should be chosen for the new company. The choice is not limited to the business purpose alone. Rather, social and tax aspects have to be taken into account when devel­oping the overall concept.

Founders are offered compre­hensive advice, especially on the choice of the right legal form, as well as the drafting of various necessary partnership agreements.

Further corporate law issues are, for example:

  • Share­holder disputes, termi­nation, exclusion of shareholders;
  • Managing directors (dismissal, termi­nation, liability);
  • Non-competition clause.


Commercial Law/Distribution Law

Commercial law is the special private law that aims at accel­erated business trans­ac­tions. In contrast to consumers, businessmen are less in need of protection as business people. European guide­lines as well as the UN Convention on Contracts for the Inter­na­tional Sale of Goods are of inter­na­tional importance.

In the field of commercial law, Attorney Fürstenow offers compre­hensive advice and support, especially for start-up companies.

This also includes the devel­opment and expansion of sales systems by reviewing and designing sales processes and designing and optimizing sales contracts.

Especially for founders and start-ups

Attorney Fürstenow offers both entre­preneur and start-up companies compre­hensive legal advice on the relevant issues, especially in the areas of company law (correct legal form, company agree­ments) and financing (which financing options are possible).

A compre­hensive legal review helps to avoid errors and extra costs, especially in the initial stages.

Contract law for consumers

Attorney FÜRSTENOW also advises and assists business clients with an inter­na­tional business connection. For example, he supports and advises companies with regard to share­holder agree­ments in English between inter­na­tional contractual partners, for example from Cyprus, Great Britain etc.

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